We don’t have the luxury of glass elevators, atriums, marble bathrooms, 24hr room service or gyms but we DO have the luxury of fresh air, pure bubbling water, peace and freedom from traffic noise, gorgeous chemical free toiletries, light feather or latex pillows, a beautiful rural environment and our accommodation is as organic and chemical free as we can make it.

All the cottages are painted internally with non-toxic paint and furnishings are natural materials and fibres where possible – timber, cane, cotton, silk, feather and wool. The beds all feature natural latex mattresses with organic cotton sheets and cosy quilts - you will get the sleep of a lifetme.

The tasty food you will enjoy here is good and fresh. As much as possisble is sourced form our own organic vege garden and orchard and local producers. We value your health but also your enjoyment of good taste sensations (and maybe good local wines as well !)

Our welcome to you is personal and friendly